My job is Blessing me with another Job 

As I’m sitting here, I played with the idea of titling this post “I hate my job” but I can’t really say that because it wouldn’t be completely true.  I work overnights​ doing dispatch work. I’m on for  3 days then off for the other 4 days of the week. It’s a really easy job […]

I met my sons’ other mom😱

​I was so happy and relieved to finally meet my child’s stepmother. Why????? Because she is the one that’s around him more than me. Because she loves his dad enough to see his child as her own. And I’m all for anyone who loves my child and will keep his best interest at heart. I […]

Dreams, you are free to go

​Do you ever feel like you’re not enough for God? Like, where you are and what you have isn’t enough to make a difference in serving in His Kingdom? With your flaws/imperfections aside, you feel even your passion and desires aren’t enough to please Him.  What do you do when you feel like whatever you […]

Where am I today??

Me talking about today skips over a lot, I know, and maybe I’ll fill in the gaps but for now I want to refocus on the purpose of this blog. I started this blog to show things I went through that were extremely painful for me and how God has kept me through them.  Very […]

Am I a bad mother?

I was often hunted by this question after my divorce; not by others but by myself. Here I am with a child that I brought into this world to fix my marriage but yet I still got a divorce. I can’t lie, I struggled with seeing my child as my own. Although I did love […]