My plot for a rebound

  After getting acquainted, we spoke to each other often; only in the gym though because that was the only place we would run into each other. I would continue to learn more about him and FINALLY see where he worked. Come to find out he was a pretty interesting guy. The first thing I […]

How we 👫met: We didn’t🤷🏽‍♀️

This place was a piece of work. It was the 2nd call center I’ve worked at and it was there where I’d see why call centers had such bad reps. It definitely had a high school vibe. People were messy and more concerned about everyone’s personal life instead of work. Although, it wasn’t ALL childish […]

How I learned to dance Nigerian🇳🇬: the introduction

When I first moved to Texas I was culture shocked. Houston has so many ethnicities and different cultures where as back at home we had our primary: blacks, whites and Vietnamese. There were your occasional Indians and maybe a few others from various backgrounds but nothing major so especially no Nigerians🇳🇬. The first time I […]

My new Job did come!

Remember my blog about the job I had was helping me find another one? Well, it happened!……I don’t remember the details about that last blog so we both  may need to revisit it after this. Well, anyway, now I work for an IRA company. I never new anything about them nor the company before I […]