My new Job did come!

Remember my blog about the job I had was helping me find another one? Well, it happened!……I don’t remember the details about that last blog so we both  may need to revisit it after this. Well, anyway, now I work for an IRA company. I never new anything about them nor the company before I […]

I met a guy who knew this girl…

Everyone doesn’t have the same agenda for you as you do for them. My co-workers and I went out for my birthday to this Nigerian/Caribbean spot at the time called Zanzibar.  The place wasn’t all that packed so my girls and I had a little space to show out a lil bit. Later in the […]

Situationships are a real thing

Situationships are relationships without the commitment. They are a few levels pass “friends with benefits”.  Many of us have been in them and some of us are in one now. If you have anyone that you are calling your “boo” then you’re in one.  You’re basically comfortable with the idea that you can have the benefits of […]

You’ll find love again

It’s really hard for me to say if I remember giving up on love after my divorce. I know for a long time I didn’t commit to anyone. I just had “friends” and “situationships” that I could run to escape from being lonely.  Relationships were a joke to me. Although I believed in love I […]

How to: Stop Caring

I thank God that people don’t really faze me anymore. I use to be very sensitive; cared way too much of what people thought of me, tried fitting in, wanted to be liked or wanted to be like someone else. I thought I would achieve that by trying to please everyone and thought if I […]